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Hello to everyone. I’m Tobias, (just call me Tobi). Since you know little about my career, I will tell you a quick story how I became who I am today.

It started almost 15 years ago when I started making my apprenticeship as a carpenter. After 4 years i decided to change my work and so I made the next apprenticeship in logistics. Once again after a few years I got tired about working 8 hours a day for a job I did not like.

That's why I quit my job, sold everything I had, and started to write my own story. It began with a 18 month backpacking tour through India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and the Philippines.

After this amazing experience and doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, with whoever i wanted, i could not really go back to a 9to5 job.

So I founded my own company in Online Marketing, Social Media and Attraction Marketing. 4 years I was so busy working that I had no time for the really important things in life like family, friends and creating amazing memories as I did during my world trip. Now I was seeking for more in life.

About a year ago I found my passion and the possibility how I can experience more in life! Now I have the freedom of time to do what I really love and finally be able to travel the world as I want to. I made into my destiny to show everyone how you can experience more in life and make a living, LIVING!

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